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The Surprising Growth Potential of Education

June 09, 2022

To help your ongoing efforts to grow your business, I wanted to share the latest thought leadership from Cetera, Connect, Teach, Grow: The Hidden Business Potential of Financial Education, about a new opportunity that may surprise you.

Financial events in the workplace have long been relegated to the realm of retirement plan advisors, but why? With the majority of American workers undereducated about their finances and investments—56% of all workers don't know how much they'll need to save for retirement1—there’s a clear need to get more information out. By running a workplace financial wellness event, you can help improve the financial wellbeing of employees, strengthen your current relationships, and build new, potentially long-term relationships.

As always, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support your business. Enjoy the piece, and talk soon.

For use with financial professionals only.

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