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Stir-Crazy? 5 Winter Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

Stir-Crazy? 5 Winter Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

December 28, 2022

Nice and cozy can turn to cabin fever in a hurry. We’ve been there and recommend these activities when it’s time to break up that winter monotony.

Visit a Museum

Museums are at their busiest during the spring and summer, so winter is a great time to visit local attractions you may typically avoid because of the crowds. Not sure which museum to choose? Look into what exhibits or attractions are available or see if any museums in your area offer discount days.


Spend a day volunteering your time to serve a cause you care about. Many non-profits and other organizations, from food banks to animal shelters to child welfare programs, are constantly looking for volunteers. Volunteering is particularly great because it is fulfilling and allows you to help and serve other people with family or friends.

Visit a Local Forest Preserve or Nature Trail

Instead of going to an expensive ski resort, find out which natural trails or forest preserves in your area are open this winter. Even if the only trails you can find are paved, getting outside, and enjoying some fresh air can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. And many trails and parks are free, making them a great option after a pricey holiday season.

Have a Game Night

It’s likely you have board games in a closet somewhere, collecting dust. Pull them out and have a game night with family or friends. This is a fun and free way to spend some quality time together.

Host a Potluck

Host a potluck night where everyone invited brings food to share. This is a cost-effective way to spend time with people you love without having to spend as much money or energy preparing food. For even more fun, add a theme to your potluck. Have people bring their favorite childhood foods, or a dish they’ve always wanted to try.

We love lazy winter days as much as the next person, but hope these ideas help get your creative juices flowing for even more wintertime fun!

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