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Make Your Money Count

March 15, 2023

Your wealth has allowed you to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. It’s also given you the opportunity to help other people, organizations, and the causes you support. Your generosity will be a key component of your legacy.

I want to be sure your wealth is creating the legacy you envision. Whether you want to provide for family and friends, establish a trust, or leave an endowment to a charity, I can help. I work with a network of legal experts, certified public accountants, and other professionals who will collaborate on estate plans, trusts, philanthropic endeavors, and more.

As an added benefit, tax laws are structured to encourage philanthropy. If properly planned, your generosity could actually reduce your taxes and enable you to retain more of your wealth. Let me show you charitable giving strategies that will benefit you and the causes that are most important to you.

Contact my office at your convenience so we can make sure your wealth has the impact you intend, now and far into the future.

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