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Let’s Partner: Discovering Opportunities for Financial Services Referrals

June 30, 2023

Our most important goal as a financial services business is to take care of our customers’ financial needs through amazing customer service. As a key partner to an individual’s financial strategy, you’re engaging in conversations with your clients that may reveal opportunities to help them better invest their money or make decisions that may impact their financial future. Often, client needs can easily be fulfilled through investment products offered through programs we can provide, or they may benefit from a more in-depth financial strategy consultation. They may even have a few simple questions that fall outside of your tax expertise and would like to offer them a trusted resource.

If any of these life events have happened to one of your clients recently, or they anticipate happening, we would be honored to have a conversation and partner with you to come up with the best strategy:

  • Marriage—first marriage, re-marriage or child’s marriage
  • Children—birth/adoption of a child, birth of a grandchild
  • Divorce—divorce/separation for the client or their child
  • Education and empty nesting—child begins college or leaves home
  • Family support—parent or relative moves in, relocation of a parent to assisted care
  • Health—chronic illness or disability of client, spouse, parent/grandparent, or child
  • Death—death of spouse, parent/grandparent, or child/grandchild
  • Employment—starting a new career, job relocation, losing a job, spouse work status changing
  • Real Estate—purchasing or selling a home or other property, renting property
  • Retirement—client retires, spouse retires, relocating for retirement
  • Legacy—leaving a legacy, receiving inheritance
  • Business owners—starting, selling or refinancing a business, business failure

If you’re interested in discussing our services in more detail and building a partnership to better serve our clients, let’s set up some time to meet. It’d be great to work with you more closely.

Hope to talk to you soon!