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October 05, 2021

Chances are you or someone in your circle has faced a life-changing event as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are reaching out for financial guidance. Do you have any financial questions or concerns to address at this time? The Life Events Checklist below can help you determine if there’s a need to connect now. If one of the listed events has impacted your life, let’s touch base to see if a further conversation is needed. 

☐ Your Marriage or Re-Marriage
☐ Your Child’s Marriage or Re-Marriage

☐ Birth of Child
☐ Adoption of Child
☐ Birth of Grandchild

☐ Divorce or Separation
☐ Your Child Divorces or Separates

Off to College & Empty Nest
☐ Child Begins College
☐ Child Leaves Home
☐ Last Child Leaves Home

Other Family Support
☐ Parent Other Relative Moves Into Your Home
☐ Other Relative Moves Into Your Home
☐ Relocation of Parent to Assisted Care Facility

Health & Disability
☐ Chronic Illness of Self
☐ Chronic Illness of Spouse
☐ Chronic Illness of Parent/Grandparent
☐ Chronic Illness of Adult Child
☐ Disability of Self
☐ Disability of Spouse
☐ Disability of Parent/Grandparent
☐ Disability of Child

☐ Death of Spouse
☐ Death of Parent/Grandparent
☐ Death of Child/Grandchild
☐ Death of Child’s Spouse

☐ Start a New Career
☐ Job Relocation
☐ Lose Job
☐ Spouse Begins Work
☐ Spouse Stops Work

Real Estate & Rentals
☐ Purchase a Home
☐ Sell a Home
☐ Sell or Buy Other Property

☐ Retire
☐ Spouse Retires
☐ Relocate for Retirement

☐ Leave a Legacy
☐ Receive an Inheritance – IRA, Life Insurance or Other Assets

Business Owner
☐ Start New Business
☐ Refinance Your Business
☐ Sell Your Business
☐ Business Failure

If anyone else comes to mind who may have experienced one of these life events, please take a minute to share this message with them. They are welcome to contact the office with any questions. 

Hope to speak to you soon!