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10 Fun Things to Do in Retirement

10 Fun Things to Do in Retirement

October 07, 2022

Now that you are on your way into retirement and your days of working full time are gone, you may have more time on your hands. To make the most of your time in retirement, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you get started. Try these fun ideas and share your own with your friends and family who may also be going through the same transition.

1. Travel

Traveling is something you may have put off during your working years, whether it’s because you had a family to take care of, didn’t have the vacation time or weren’t able to spare the expense. You now have the time and freedom to travel and see new parts of the world.

2. Learn a New Hobby

Maybe you’ve always had a career that’s taken up most of your time or you didn’t have the time to dedicate to a hobby. Retirement could be the right opportunity to learn and take up a new hobby. Not sure how to get started? See what classes are available through your local community center.

3. Mentor or Teach

With years of experience in your industry, you have the knowledge to make a difference in someone else’s life. Whether through mentorship, teaching, or informal get-togethers, now could be your time to impart your knowledge to the next generation.

4. Start a Small Business

If you’ve had a hobby or a passion that you always wanted to pursue as a job but didn’t have the time, retirement could be the right time to turn that passion project into a small business. This might include selling your goods online or providing your services to a small number of clients.

5. Map Your Family Tree

With all the technology available in this day and age, you can map and create a family tree more accurately than ever before. Besides learning more about your family’s history and heritage, this information could be something you share with the rest of your relatives and learn more about where your family came from.

6. Volunteer

Use the talents and skills you learned in your career and throughout your life to volunteer in your community. Or use your passion for an organization or institution and give your time freely to a cause you support.

7. Spend Time with Your Family

Now that you have more time, you can prioritize spending time with your family. This can include seeing relatives who live far away or spending more time with your relatives in your area.

8. Take a Class

Through schools, community centers and other learning institutions, you can learn almost any skill. Take a class on a subject that has always interested you or sharpen the skills you already have.

9. Get Civically Involved

Through civic involvement, you can get to know and help more people in your community. Find an institution you are passionate about and begin taking your civic involvement more seriously now that you have the time.

10. Create a Bucket List

Maybe there are places you have wanted to visit or activities you haven’t done before. Add them to a list and work toward pursuing everything on your bucket list during your retirement years.

No matter how you decide to spend your retirement, there are plenty of fun ideas to consider. Now go out and enjoy this well-earned time!

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