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Stuart F Cameron BEM

Stuart F Cameron BEM

OSJ Branch Manager/Financial Planner


At Wharton Investment Consultants  we enjoy the old fashioned philosophy of treating the relationships entrusted to our office with the respect you would expect as a neighbor. We bring these values to our clients both local and distant.
As an independent advisory firm, Wharton Investment Consultants are not pressured by a parent company to direct you into specific or proprietary products. As a result, we have the freedom to provide you with a wide variety of investment choices from among the best that the financial services industry has to offer.

Independent does not mean alone: we have established relationships with leading companies in the financial services industry. We have extensive resources, comprehensive wealth management services, and investment strategies to keep you moving forward through every stage of your wealth management game plan.

We take fiduciary responsibility to always put your best interests ahead of ours or anyone else's. 

Wharton Investment Consultants offers the comfort of being a guest as well as a client, a participant in an important discussion. Sit back knowing that you and your finances will be taken seriously and treated personally.

At Wharton Investment Consultants, we are committed to working with you as well as for you. Our Financial Professionals operate independently allowing them to make recommendations objectively and offer ideas well positioned for you as a client. We are dedicated to providing prudent investment advice with an active management style.

We welcome you to give us a call, drop us an e-mail to set-up your complimentary consultation.

Who We Serve:
Given our philosophy, there is no client too small or too large. 
We treat every client with the utmost importance they deserve.