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Wharton Investment Consultants

Mission Statement

Wharton Investment Consultants is built on a foundation of uncompromising, client-centered values that we believe sets us apart.

Our advisors have a fiduciary duty to work in their clients best interests. We are commited to trust, integrity and accountability. Providing tailored solutions that meet your needs.

We do three things for our clients and expect one in return.  We help them:

  1. Simplify their financial lives and achieve their ambitions.
  2. Generate the necessary income to sustain the lifestyle they require now and in retirement.
  3. Build a legacy for following generations or charitable causes.

What we expect in return: should our clients have a question about anything pertaining to their finances, we expect to be the first phone call.  We want to be your priamry financial advisor.

At Wharton Investment Consultants, we don’t succeed in spite of our client-centered approach. We succeed because of it.