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The Unified Program

The Unified Program


The Unified Program is a unique solution that pairs the sophistication and flexibility of being invested in multiple portfolios with the simplicity and cost savings of having just one account. With the Unified Program, we can create a portfolio of exceptional breadth and customization, but also remarkable transparency and efficiency.

As with all portfolios we create together, a Unified portfolio starts with creating a strategy based on an understanding of your financial needs and plans for the future. With that in mind, we have the freedom of creating your portfolio from multiple “sleeves,” drawing on any combination of approved investment vehicles, programs and strategies, including some typically only available to institutional investors. This gives you an abundant level of diversification and customization across a spectrum of asset classes and management styles. You can even exclude certain securities for business, personal or ethical reasons without compromising your ability to invest in others.

Despite the potential complexity of your portfolio, its execution is simple, as it is consolidated under one account,1 so you’ll receive one comprehensive (but easy-to-understand) monthly statement, and file one 1099 for all your holdings. Additional efficiencies come from having a single, all-inclusive program fee, automated rebalancing to ensure your portfolio is tracking toward its target allocation, tax-loss harvesting, and overlay management to ensure coordinated trades across the entire portfolio.

The Unified Program also gives me access to portfolio analytics and management tools, as well as in-depth research, reporting and due diligence insight—all focused on helping me best work with you to construct and monitor a portfolio in line with your goals for the future.

The Advantages of an Advisory Account                                                                     A More Sophisticated Approach Focused on Your Best Interests

The Unified Program gives us the tools to plan, build, and execute a portfolio strategy designed to help you pursue your goals and lead a more enriching life. It also pairs my personalized financial guidance with the insights of professional investment managers, creating a disciplined, yet flexible, investment process. As important as the initial portfolio we create will be, it’s the ongoing advice that helps ensure your portfolio has end-to-end alignment with where you are today, where you want to go, and any milestones you want to cross along the way.

Another significant advantage of an advisory account like the Unified Program is that I have a fiduciary obligation to you. As a fiduciary, I must act in your best interest when creating and managing your portfolio. In addition, my fees are directly tied to the value of your account, so my compensation is proportional to my success in helping you grow your wealth.

1 Per registration type


The Unified Program gives you broad reach into a variety of investment vehicles to pursue your goals, and can be shaped to fit in with nearly any investment strategy. You’ll feel more in control of your financial future with:

  • A single account built from a multitude of possible portfolios and management styles
  • Access to institutional-caliber money managers
  • Ability to potentially minimize adverse tax consequences
  • Easy-to-understand quarterly performance reports
  • Ability to exclude specific securities from your portfolio for business, moral, ethical or other reasons
  • A diverse array of holdings under a single, transparent, all-inclusive fee2
  • Consolidated reporting with one account number, one monthly statement, and one 1099

2 In addition to fees paid for advisory services with respect to your investments in mutual funds, additional mutual fund internal expenses, including management, trading and marketing fees may apply. Mutual fund expenses, 12(b)-1 service fees, and any deferred sales charges are fully disclosed in the mutual fund prospectus.

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