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The Guided Program

The Guided Program


With the Guided Program, we start with your plans for the future. What are you investing for? Do you have a particular time horizon? How much risk is too much for you? How will this portfolio work in concert with your other investments?

With a firm understanding of your goals and interests, I will work with you to select the right portfolio asset allocation model for your objectives. Each allocation model is built on sound, proven and repeatable investment principles, and serves as the framework for your investments.

We will use the model to build out a diversified portfolio, choosing from a wide selection of mutual funds that have been carefully reviewed and selected by Cetera Investment Management.® Regular monitoring of the management and performance of the funds they review helps to ensure each investment continues to fulfill its intended role within your portfolio.

Now, with your personalized investment strategy defined and a customized portfolio built around your needs, I will monitor it to ensure it is tracking toward your goals, periodically rebalancing it to ensure it remains within its selected asset allocation and risk profile. If at any time your investment goals change, or if you simply have questions about the strategy we’ve created together, I will be happy to discuss them with you to ensure you are comfortable with—and confident in -our choices.

The Advantages of an Advisory Account                                                                     A More Sophisticated Approach Focused on Your Best Interests

The Guided Program gives us the tools to plan, build, and execute a portfolio strategy designed to help you pursue your goals and lead a more enriching life. It also pairs my personalized financial guidance with the insights of professional investment managers, creating a disciplined, yet flexible, investment process. As important as the initial portfolio we create will be, it’s the ongoing advice that helps ensure your portfolio has end-to-end alignment with where you are today, where you want to go, and any milestones you want to cross along the way.

Another significant advantage of an advisory account like the Guided Program is that I have a fiduciary obligation to you. As a fiduciary, I must act in your best interest when creating and managing your portfolio. In addition, my fees are directly tied to the value of your account, so my compensation is proportional to my success in helping you grow your wealth.


The Guided Program is a flexible and efficient way for you to pursue your goals, and makes an excellent addition to nearly any investment strategy. You’ll feel more in control of your financial future with:

  • A customized investment portfolio tailored to your needs and financial goals
  • A disciplined investment process and asset-allocation approach
  • A diverse selection of mutual funds from several issuers
  • One fee with no additional trading costs 1
  • Portfolio monitoring on an ongoing basis
  • Periodic reviews of portfolios and automatic rebalancing
  • Easy-to-understand quarterly performance reports
  • Monthly statements as well as online account viewing

1 In addition to fees paid for advisory services with respect to your investments in mutual funds, additional mutual fund internal expenses, including management, trading and marketing fees may apply. Mutual fund expenses, 12(b)-1 service fees, and any deferred sales charges are fully disclosed in the mutual fund

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