Fiduciary partners

As an independent financial advisory firm, we place our clients’ interests above all else. Every decision we make, and each piece of advice we provide, is based on a simple question: What’s best for the client? Every other consideration, including our compensation, is secondary.


We arm our clients with the knowledge to make confident decisions. In recommending investments, for example, we clearly explain the options and empower clients to make the best decisions.


Great service is non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on communication, responsiveness and problem-solving that are second to none.


Trust is essential to great client relationships. Whether it’s the fees they’re paying, what’s in their portfolios, or how their investments are performing, our clients are fully informed.


Clients’ financial futures are too important for gut-based decisions. Our entire financial planning and asset management approach is underpinned by clear evidence and statistical analysis.

At Wharton Investment Consultants, we don’t succeed in spite of our client-centered approach. We succeed because of it.