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Wharton Investment Consultants

Wharton Investment Consultants

OSJ Branch Manager/Financial Planner


We Are Here To Serve You

Making investment decisions has become increasingly complex.  News headlines can cause investors to make emotional decisions.We help educate clients and provide clear perspective to help ignore the white noise.

We work toward your goals as your co-planner.

Personal discussions determine goals and objectives. Individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and family goals are all considered when making recommendations.

We do the research and homework you don’t have time to do.  Portfolio construction is guided by our focus on risk & return to attain your goals.

Our mission is to create confidence for you – while building a long-lasting relationship.

Benefits of financial planning:

  • Risk and return appropriate for your time frame.
  • The greater confidence from having a disciplined approach.
  • Increased discipline and staying on track toward achieving your goals.

Benefits of our investment selection process.

  • Choose a portfolio designed to meet your goals and risk tolerance.
  • Avoid the mistake of “looking in the rear view mirror.”
  • Diversification.
  • Transparency.

We believe in managing relationships, not just portfolios. We take our responsibilities seriously.

Those who work with us know our success is tied to their success.