What do We do

Advice You Can Trust

At Wharton Investment Consultants we provide independent financial advice and services in the Delaware and surrounding States area.  We are built on a foundation of solid forward looking financial advice, connections to the top resources in the financial industry, and a plain-spoken, neighborly approach to our relationship with clients.

Confidence: We work exclusively with top-rated companies to try to make sure your financial future is set and your financial assets will be there when you need them. Because we are not financially committed to any single company, we are free to find the right options to meet your needs.

Education: Financial planning and insurance products and services can be extremely complex, offering a complicated menu of options, prices, payouts, and returns. We work closely with you every step of the way, making sure that you understand exactly what product or service we are suggesting to you, how it fits into your overall financial plan, and that you are comfortable with your decisions.

Communication: Once we have a plan in place, we will meet with you regularly to make sure your long-term strategy continues to fit your current needs.

Leadership: We work as a team with your accountant, estate planning attorney, and other advisors where necessary to ensure that all of your financial plans are working together and your financial objectives are covered.