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Are YOU - Fit-To-Retire?

For many of our clients, the thought of retirement can prompt anxious questions. The big one: "Will I have enough?" Conventional thought interprets that as: "Will I have enough money to live out my life?" But, at Fit-To-Retire, we've discovered the question can have more than one meaning: "Will I have enough friends to spend time with? Will I be healthy enough to enjoy myself? Will my personal relationships be enough to sustain me? Will I have enough purpose in my life to feel good about myself?"

That's why our revolutionary, 3-step Fit-To-Retire program is so exciting! Our exclusive pre-retirement readiness assessment measures preparedness and enthusiasm in the five areas of retirement success: Social, Health & Nutrition, Personal Relationships, Self-Identity and Financial. The personalized pre-retirement checklist helps clients get their "ducks in a row" well before their retirement date. And, the customized 100-Day Playbook recommends specific activities to help clients get their retirement off to a great start.

If you are within five years of retirement, let us help you start planning for the best years of your life, when the only question you'll ask will be: "What do I get to do tomorrow?"

Optimizing The Three Stages Of Retirement

GO-GO Stage

This stage of retirement is generally for those who recently retired and want to get the most out of their high-energy years. This includes indulgences in leisure activities and travel that may have been enjoyed before retirement, but that now can become a higher priority in your lives. While a time of enjoyment, planning for your future of financial stability and wellness of health is critical.

Fit to Retire Evaluation and First 100 Days Playbook – A uniquely generated discussion of your post-retirement lifestyle

Income Solver – Social Security and efficient retirement income generation strategy

Medicare Gap Insurance – Guidance on options to meet your needs

Savvy College Planning – Funding tools for children and grandchildren

Lifelock & LastPass – Convenient and secure tools to protect your identity and make life easier

Elder Care Guidance – Helping you help your loved ones in their “no-go” time

SLO-GO Stage

After the "Go-Go" stage passes, retirement gives way to the "Slo-Go" stage, when the retiree slows the pace of their lives after retirement, usually beginning around their mid-70s and lasting about 10 years.

Long-Term Care – Consultation on local independent living options, efficient funding strategies and expectations of lifestyle for you, or for your elders

Estate Planning – Guidance on best practices to address transfer of wealth, property, and personal desires to your next generation as well as charitable interests information. 

NO-GO Stage

Unpleasant realities set in after the "Slo-Go" Stage, as both physical and mental health begin to deteriorate, and living becomes far less independent. This can be a brief period for some, but prolonged for others, and in either case requires much attention by loved ones.

Administrator Care – Providing ease to your loved ones and you in suggesting resources for bill-paying, elder transportation, and other matters of welfare

Physical Care – Local resources for nursing homes, ambulatory services, in-home care and best practices for physician and medication coordination

Emotional Care – Best approaches for an often overlooked but most important element – the ongoing support by loved ones

Your first step is to take the no obligation Fit-To-Retire assessment. All you need is 15 minutes.

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