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Located at the junction of Kirkwood Highway (Route 2) and Limestone Road (Route 7).

Office is located on the second floor.  There is elevator access.


Welcome to Wharton Investment Consultants - Your Fiduciary Advisors

Explore your financial health for every life stage.

You take care of your physical health. But what about your financial health? Maybe you're just beginning your career or perhaps retirement is on the horizon. Wherever you are on life's journey, we can help you discover smarter ways to make sure that you're fiscally fit and prepared for the future. Here you'll find articles, calculators and ideas to help guide you every step of the way.

Just Starting Out

Live for today. Save for tomorrow. You want financial independence, but you're also just beginning your career. How do you find the right balance? We can help manage your money now for a better future. You'll get sound advice on how to maximize tax-advantaged plans including 401(k) and IRAs to other investments. Plus, you'll get a clearer picture on the optimal amount to spend on your everyday needs. 

Building the Foundation

Make more of what you make.  We know there are a lot of demands on your money. You might be buying a new home. Saving for your child’s education. Or putting money away for your retirement. As you enter your peak earning years, it’s important to develop a plan that helps maximize earnings and tax benefits.  Wharton Investment Consultants are your partner in your journey to financial fitness.

Nearing Retirement

Maximize earnings. Manage risk.  Retirement is on the horizon. Whether it's 15 years out or 5 years, it's the time to make the most of tax-advantaged investments and catch-up contributions. Chances are, you may need to revisit your asset allocation to see if there are smarter solutions to help build your retirement funds or preserve what you have to help ensure you're not taking on too much risk.  Discover if you are Fit-to-Retire.

In Retirement

Living the life you've earned.  You've worked hard for a comfortable and meaningful retirement. How can you help ensure that you don't outlive your retirement savings? For some, Social Security and pensions may cover essential expenses, but many of us will need to supplement this income with money from investments. We can help review your current plan and find ways to help make the most of what you've earned. 

We look forward to guiding you through every stage of your life, call 302-239-2111 or email .               

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